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Curtain Walling Solutions

This ever popular facade is a non structural application made up of mullion and transom profiles usually constructed from aluminium. The curtain walling grid work is designed and calculations are made for wind load elements, fastening and anchor points. Working impartially we are proud to offer copious brands and systems houses. We also offer Structural Glazing Solutions to where toggles and mastics omit the use of pressure plate and capping. Considerations are made for spandrel panels between floor levels, heat soaked toughening to glass installations, opening vents and every door application.

Client & Supplier

At Cube Commercial we pride ourselves on five star client feedback, we are equally as proud to be supported by our supply chain.

Understanding The Benefits Of Thermal Break Systems Over Non-Thermal Break Systems

Thermally broken systems allow for much slower conduction of heat than normal aluminium.

Choosing Between Aluminium or Plastic (uPVC) Windows

Trying to understand the difference between the two options & which is best for your commercial property can be a headache. Check out our blog & have your questions answered!

RAL Colour Chart for Doors & Windows!

RAL is a European colour matching system which defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics. Each colour has a unique RAL code. The beginning number tells us the generic range, and the full code is the specific shade.
Check out the blog for more info!

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