RAL is a European colour matching system which defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics. Each colour has a unique RAL code. The beginning number tells us the generic range, and the full code is the specific shade. An example RAL 1 giving us an understanding of a yellow colour; RAL 1003 giving us a specific colour, being signal yellow.

Please note: Colours shown here are for guidance only as exact shades and finishes (e.g. pearl or metallic) may appear differently on web browsers and screens than they would in real life. For accurate colour representations you should use a current Classic RAL System publication with the RAL hologram.

Making your decision?

What are the most popular colours?

Over the years at Cube Commercial, we’ve had orders come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From this experience, we’ve accumulated a wealth of data and the most commonly chosen options are as follows;

7016 – Anthracite Grey
9003 – Signal White
9005 – Jet Black
7015 – State Grey

How long does the colour last?

This is entirely dependant on the material you use for your doors or windows. With our aluminium products, your colour will have a guaranteed 20-25 year lifespan, without any need for maintenance.

We finish all our products with powder-coating to allow for additional protection of your coloured products & stop potential outdoor elements such as sun ray’s from any decline.

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