When considering metal windows, doors & shopfronts for your commercial premises, it’s of particular importance to consider the thermal value of your systems implemented. Non-thermally broken systems which are found more often than not, introduce an array of disadvantages to your property. A summers day with high temperatures would effectively turn your frames into radiators, whilst cold winters would cause you to suffer heating losses through the frames. Addressing this problem is where thermally-broken systems come into play; an innovative new technology whereby adding an insulation barrier between the inside & outside of frames, whether aluminium, steel or bronze.

Thermally Broken Windows & Doors 

Some key points when considering the possibility of thermally broke windows & doors. 

  • Thermally broken systems allow for much slower conduction of heat than normal aluminium
  • Long lasting, durable & offers corrosive protection
  • Provides further security & protection for your property
  • Low maintenance & pays for itself with bills saved

Cube installed a new set of thermally-broken aluminium windows for my shopfront property & saved me a fortune on my electricity bills! Would recommend for all owners of commercial property!

– John, London.

Why the term ‘broken’?

The ‘broken’ in thermally broken systems, relates to the thermal insulation of a frame, essentially acting as a protective measurement against against any form of thermal transfer. Whether it be heat or cold, having thermally broken frames allow for ease of level maintenance inside your commercial property. Similarly to if you where to purchase heating or air conditioning systems for your property; thermal systems add quality to your buildings & workplaces. 

Where can I purchase thermal systems?

Here at Cube Commercial, we supply professional aluminium & glass products for various commercial buildings throughout the United Kingdom. We offer the highest industry-standard designs with our products; assuring durability & quality whilst keeping the product aesthetically pleasing. Our doors, windows, shopfronts & entrance systems are all manufactured in-house, allowing us to offer the most competitive pricing & aftercare services. Our aim is & will always continue to be to provide the smoothest experience for our clients.

thermal systems vs non thermal

The frame is crucial in making your windows, doors and shopfronts. Frames form a critical part in the system & substantiate the amount of loss or gain in temperature variations. Most door & window frames are aluminium, which although work effectively in conducting heat & cold, remains useless if the frame is not optimised. This would essentially mean such things as double glazed windows, have their own performance enhancers, undermined. 

With non-thermally broken systems, cold and heat can freely exit and/or enter interiors of commercial buildings. By moving through the solid metal frames. 

Making your decision! 

To make an informed decision, we suggest you do your research on the benefits of thermally broken windows & doors; then decide which options is best for your property or building. The benefits sell themselves. Visit our website at Cube Commercial to get to know more about what we have to offer. We have an expert team of staff, with years of experience. We are ready to help you with all questions & information.